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What's Happening

At Great Literature On-line, we are dedicated to adding free, HTML formatted e-text for your reading enjoyment. If you are a student, be sure to check out our links page for each author, especially if you are doing research.

We typically add new novels as the mood hits us. If you have a book or author you particularly want to see, drop us an e-mail: the address is

Here's what has been happening:

Wednesday, Jun 29, 2005 : added links for Nietzsche as asked, will add more in future. Enjoy!

Thursday, Jun 9, 2005 : Vol. 1 of Friedrich Nietzsche`s Human, All Too Human fixed and reposted. Vol 2 to follow.

Friday, May 27, 2005 : H.G. Wells is now up and running ? many new books added, links added, as well as a beautiful picture of Herbert. Enjoy

Saturday, May 14, 2005 : Stephen Crane receives some new additions! Exciting bold new literature added for your convenience

Tuesday, May 10, 2005 : Can`t go wrong with Jonathan Swift, check out "Gulliver`s Travels into Several Remote Nations of the World", just added.

Friday, Apr 29, 2005 : Student paper added to list o` works (Brandon Ramos), an interesting read. Young Goodman Brown added to Hawthorne - and as usual more links for everyone. Enjoy

Thursday, Apr 14, 2005 : Nathaniel Hawthorne received a quick facelift. His famous books (scarlet letter, Twice Told Tales etc...) have been added to the list o` works. Enjoy!

Friday, Mar 4, 2005 : Charles Lamb was spruced up a tad, more links were scattered throughout this site as well. Enjoy

Tuesday, Feb 22, 2005 : Many links added throughout the site.

Thursday, Feb 3, 2005 : added a slew of John Donne Poems

Tuesday, Feb 1, 2005 : added essays by Michel De Montaigne, added more works by Kate Chopin

Tuesday, Dec 21, 2004 : Many many works of Hans Christian Anderson have been added. As well as additional Anderson Links

Tuesday, Dec 7, 2004 : Over the last year we have added 50 books, numerous artwork and portraits, and updated/expanded every biography.

Tuesday, May 13, 2003 : Added several new works to Joseph Addison and Aeschylus.

Friday, Jan 10, 2003 : I`ve done a lot of changes. Now, this entire site is powered by RapidSite[ ], a content management system I wrote. It is easy to use, and allows books to go up online in seconds once they are in electronic format. Additionally,,, and, once three seperate sites, are now combined into one single meta site. I added your ability to change the font size and color of the site using the options link, and a citation link that correctly cites each page. Have fun, I look forward to your feedback.

Thursday, May 16, 2002 : Now, if you are in an Author or Book page, you can find the proper citation for the work by clicking on a link in the Attention Students box. This should help quell the flood of emails asking for citation information that pours into my inbox on a daily basis.

Monday, May 6, 2002 : It has been a long time since I have worked on this site. We launched several new projects: (Alachua Post, Empexis, and many, many more). The people who were helping with this graduated or were reassigned to other tasks. Now I am back with a much higher tech, lower stress version of the site. Let me point out some of the changes.

In addition to more books, I have added an options menu. From here, you can customize the site to make it easier for you to read. Change color, font size, or font family. The site will set a cookie on your system that will remember what settings you choose. Each time you come back, your settings will be waiting for you.

The links have been neatened up, all bad links have been removed. So has the book review section. Out of the 600 thousand unique visitors we are serving each month, we have only had 37 actually read the book reviews.

The messageboard has been upgraded and reset. All the old messages I am not keeping, so there is no history, but hey, progress marches on.

I hope you enjoy.

Tuesday, Dec 26, 2000 : Well, to catch you up on all new authors we added today, in alphabetical order: Lewis Carroll, Joseph Conrad (by request), James Fenimore Cooper (by request), Homer (by request), Anthony Hope, Washington Irving (by request), John Milton (by request), Baroness Emmuska Orczy, Frank Stockton (by request), and Henry David Thoreau (by request). I hope you enjoy!

Monday, Dec 11, 2000 : We were down today :(. I was transferring the account from one server to another, and I blew it with the .htaccess files. Other than a few dozen messages on the message board we lost no data. I will go through the messageboard backup and restore those questions that fell by the wayside.

Saturday, Dec 2, 2000 : Per Request we have added James Whitcomb Riley

Friday, Dec 1, 2000 : Per Request: We have added Jules Verne. As you may know, Verne is one of the most popular science fiction writers of all time, and is often referred to as the father of that genre.

Friday, Dec 1, 2000 : Not Per Request, but because I think he was one of the best Americans to have ever held a pen, we have added Stephen Crane.

Tuesday, Nov 21, 2000 : We have added L. Frank Baum to our roster of authors. Now you can read the Wizard of Oz and Santa Claus stories here. We have also added Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and Nathaniel Hawthorne. All three were per request.

Monday, Nov 13, 2000 : Added more stories to Kate Chopin and more poems Samuel Taylor Coleridge.

Monday, Oct 23, 2000 : Added a Forum to the site. The purpose is to allow you to ask questions, drop in comments, and otherwise interact with each other and us. Also, added a counter (big deal, right? Figured I needed one somewhere.) at the bottom of every page. We are looking for any ideas or feedback you care to give us about our new look and feel. What should we add? Do we need to scrap anything?

Friday, Oct 20, 2000 : Added Sir Walter Scott. We also added a number of books to all of our other authors, including Dickens, Poe, and Twain. Also, we are in the home stretch for the cosmetic changes we are making to the site. Let us know what you think!!

Sunday, Oct 8, 2000 : Added Kate Chopin and Samuel Taylor Coleridge. Additionally, we have added many new novels to Louisa May Alcott, Hans Christian Andersen, Sherwood Anderson, Jane Austen, Edgar Rice Burroughs and Daniel Defoe.

Sunday, Oct 1, 2000 : As of late, we have been busy working on, and haven`t been hitting the three to four new novels a week we were at before the summer. We have, however, added new authors.

Friday, Oct 1, 1999 : Launched site. Authors include Mark Twain and Edgar Allan Poe.





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