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A Plea for Captain John Brown Read to the citizens of Concord, Mass., Sunday Evening, October 30, 1859.
On the Duty of Civil Disobedience


07/12/1817 born in Concord, Mass., U.S. as David Henry Thoreau

1835 became a teacher in Canton, Massachusetts. stayed for a year here

1835 he contracted tuberculosis and suffered from recurring bouts throughout his life.

1837 graduated from Harvard University. At this point he started going by the name Henry David Thoreau

1837 became a teacher at Center School

1837 Thoreau began work in his father`s pencil factory. stayed for a year

1838 He opened a school with his brother John in Concord and taught there until his brother became fatally ill

1841 he was invited to live in the Emerson household, where he served as a handyman and assistant to Emerson

1841 Brother John becomes fatally sick

1845 Thoreau built himself a small cabin on the shore of Walden Pond

1849 A Week on the Concord and Merrimack Rivers

1849 Civil Disobedience (this bok grew out of an overnight stay in prison as a result of his conscientious refusal to pay a poll tax that supported the Mexican War)

1854 Walden

05/06/1862 died, Concord, from tuberculosis

1863 posthumously published Excursions

1864 posthumously published The Maine Woods

1865 posthumously published Cape Cod

1866 posthumously published A Yankee in Canada

1895 Poems Of Nature were published posthumously




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