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Alhambra, The
Astoria; Or, Anecdotes Of An Enterprise Beyond The Rocky Mountains
The Adventures of Captain Bonneville digested from his journal
The Legend of Sleepy Hollow
The Sketch Book of Geoffrey Crayon, Gent.


04/13/1789 Washington Irving was born in New York City on April 3, 1789 as the youngest of 11 children

1802 He contributed to the Morning Chronicle, which was edited by his brother Peter

Approx 1804 From 1804 to 1806 he travelled widely in Europe.

1806 Irving was admitted to the New York bar.

Approx 1808 published Salmagundi

1809 Matilda Hoffmanm, the woman he was engaged to be married to died at the age of seventeen

1809 Irving`s comic history of the Dutch regime in New York, A History Of New York, was published by the imaginary `Dietrich Knickerbocker`, who was supposed to be an eccentric Dutch-American scholar

1812 Irving was a military aide to New York Governor Tompkins in the U.S. Army.

1815 Irving decided to stay in Europe, where he remained for seventeen years

1818 collapsed of business; he was a partner with his brothers in the family hardware business and representative of the business in England

Approx 1820 The Sketch Book Of Geoffrey Crayon, Gent., a collection of stories, (Included within this collection are The Legend of Sleepy Hollow and Rip Van Winkle) which allowed him to become a full-time writer.

1822 a sequel to The Sketch Book,was published, titled Bracebridge Hall.

1828 During his stay in Spain, he wrote Columbus

1829 Conquest Of Granada

1831 The Companions Of Columbus

1832 published Alhambra, concerning the history and the legends of Moorish Spain.

1832 Irving returned to New York

1835 The Cayon Miscellany

1835 A Tour Of The Prairies

1842 Irving becomes the U.S. Ambassador to Spain, and continues in this position until 1845

1848 he becomes President of Astor Library (later known as New York Public Library)and continues as President until 1859.

1850 Mahomet And His Successors

1855 Wolfert`s Roost

Approx 1859 five-volume The Life of George Washington(1855-59)

11/28/1859 Irving died in Tarrytown on November 28, 1859.




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