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A Night In Acadie
A Pair of Silk Stockings
A Reflection
A Respectable Woman
Beyond the Bayou
Desiree`s Baby
La Belle Zoraide
Madame Celestin?s Divorce
Ma`ame Pelagie
Miss McEnders
Mrs. Mobry?s Reason
Neg Creol
Ozeme`s Holiday
The Awakening
The Father of Desiree`s Baby
The Kiss
The Locket
The Maid of Saint Philippe
The Story of an Hour


02/08/1851 Kate Chopin is born to Thomas O`Flaherty amd Eliza Faris

1855 Kate`s father dies in rail accident and Kate begins school at the Academy of Sacred Heart in St. Louis

1863 Kate`s great-grandmother, Victoire Verdon Charleville, dies. Kate`s half-brother, George O`Flaherty, dies of typhoid fever

1868 Kate graduates from the Academy of the Sacred Heart

06/09/1870 Kate marries Oscar Chopin in St. Louis. Their honeymoon in Europe is cut short by the outbreak of the Fanco-prussian War. The couple moves to New Orleans in October.

05/22/1871 Jean Chopin, Kate`s first of six children is born.

1873 Oscar Chopin Jr. is born

1874 The Chopins move to the Garden District of New Orleans.

1879 Oscar`s cotton business fails, and the Chopins move to cloutierville, louisiana. Lelia Chopin is born.

1882 Kate`s husband dies of malaria.

1884 Kate moves back to St. Louis.

1885 Eliza O`Flaherty, Kates mother dies.

1888 Kate writes her first poem, If It Might Be, and begins the story Euphraisie

1889 If It Might Be is published in America. Two stories, Wiser than a God and A Point at Issue published in the Post-dispatch.

1890 Kate`s first novel, At Fault is published privately.

1891 Kate unsuccessfully submits the novel Young dr. Gosse to several publishers and later destroys the manuscript.

1893 Desiree`s Baby published in Vogue.

1894 Bayou Folk is published. Kate writes Story of an Hour.

1895 Athenaise is written

1896 Anthenaise is published.

1897 A Night in Acadie is published. Kate begins to work on The Awakening in June.

1898 Kate completes The Awakening in January.

1899 The Awakening is published with scathing reviews.

1900 Kate writes The Gentleman from New Orleans and is listed in the first edition of Who`s Who in USA.

08/18/1904 Kate visits the Louisiana Purchase Exposition where she suffers a stroke.

08/22/1904 Kate Chopin dies after having a stroke.

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