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An Apology for Crudity
I Want to Know Why
Marching Men
Poor White
The Door of the Trap
The New Englander
The Rabbit Pen
The Triumph of the Egg
Windy McPherson`s Son
Winesburg, Ohio


09/13/1876 Born in Camden Ohio

Approx 1896 Worked as a laborer in Chicago, then served in the Spanish-American war

1900 Attended Wittenberg Academy in Springfield Ohio

1904 Married Cornelia Lane of Toledo, fathered two sons and a daughter

1916 Divorced Cornelia and married Tennessee Mitchell

1916 Published "Windy McPherson`s Son"

1917 Published "Marching Men"

1918 Published "Mid-American Chants"

1919 Published "Winesburg Ohio"

1920 Published "Poor White"

1921 Published "The Triumph of the Egg"

1923 Published "Horses and Men"

1923 Published "Many Marriages"

1924 Divorced Tennessee and married Elizabeth Prall

1924 Published "A Story Teller`s Story"

1925 Moved to Troutdale, Virginia and bought farmland

1925 Published "Dark Laughter"

1925 Published "The Modern Writer"

1926 Published "Sherwood Anderson`s Notebook"

1926 Published "Tar: A Midwest Childhood"

1927 Purchased Marion Publishing Company

1927 Published "A New Testament"

1928 Separated from Elizabeth Prall

1929 Published "Alice and the Lost Novel"

1929 Published "Hello Towns!"

1929 Published "Nearer the Grass Roots"

1930 Published "The American County Fair"

1931 Published "Perhaps Women"

1932 Published "Beyond Desire"

1933 Married Eleanor Copenhavor

1933 Published "Death in the Woods"

1934 Published "No Swank"

1935 Published "Puzzled America"

1936 Published "Kit Brandon"

1937 Published "Plays, Winesburg and Others"

1940 Published "Home Town"

03/08/1941 Died of peritonitis in Colon, Panama

1942 Published "Sherwood Anderson`s Memoirs"

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